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  • Stainless steel tank of 1000 l water compartment that can be used separately or can be joined as one compartment, and a 100 l foam compartment
  • One portable fire-fighting pump, type Ziegler, Ultra Power 4
  • One water/foam monitor type AWG HH 1260
  • Two water branchpipes with instantaneous coupling BS 366, 63 mm (2½ inch) diameter
  • Two suction hoses 102 mm (4 inch) diameter, 4 m length with Storz couplings.
  • Four delivery hoses each 64 mm (2½ inch) diameter of 30 m length with instantaneous coupling BS 336
  • One Gasoline engine generator, for lighting and rescue operations Foam proportioning system
  • A high intensity working light
  • One suction strainer and 2 suction spanners
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