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TOHATSU PORTABLE FIRE ‎PUMP Type VC82ASE light ‎weight, compact configuration ‎for quick response fire fighting
  • High power, highly reliable engine with oil injection auto-‎mixing oil delivery system
  • Has the highest performance of discharge capacity in its ‎class of portable fire pumps
  • Immediate priming due to the TOHATSU designed rotary-‎vane vacuum pump providing the max. level of ‎performance ‎
  • Cooling water re-circulating system, eliminates discharge ‎outside the pump
  • Two delivery outlets, each adjustable within 90° range‎
  • The engine starts easily due to the unique auto choke carburetor ‎
  • Equipped with float choke drain valve to provide easy removal of unused fuel in the carburetor ensuring ‎consistent quick starting.‎
  • Equipped with engine overheat protection to safe- guard the engine against cooling water loss, and to protect ‎the pump without supplying water
  • Reliable electric starter and back-up recoil starter to guarantee starting the engine under all conditions, even in ‎absence of the battery
  • Stainless steel fuel tank protected against corrosion, ensuring engine long life
  • Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, throttle dial, and other control knobs and switches are located at the control ‎panel for easy operation.‎
  • Equipped with operation time counter
  • Provided with OK monitor checks with their warning lamps for indicating engine oil level, fuel level and engine ‎overheat alarm sensor.‎
  • Equipped with 12 V- 3.4W pilot lamp‎
  • Equipped with 4 handles for easy carrying
  • Delivered with, battery charger, 2 suction hoses 4.0 m., 2 suction spanners & tool kit

Technical Specifications:
Tohatsu - Japan
2-stroke,2-cylinder, water cooled gasoline engine
Maximum Output
65 PS (Horse power)
Authorized Output
55 PS (Horse power)
Fuel tank Capacity
Approx. 18 liters (4.76 US gals)
Starting System
Electric starter motor and automatic recoil system
Flywheel magneto
12 V-16Ah/5 h
Single-suction, single-stage, high pressure turbine pump
Discharge Outlet Coupling
Twin 63 mm (2 ½ inch) instantaneous Morris coupling
Suction inlet Coupling
102 mm (4inch) Storz coupling
Rotary-vane vacuum pump
Pump Performance
(suction height: 3 m)
Over 2,050 l (Over 542 gals)/min, at 0.6 Mpa (6   bar)
Over 1,800 l (Over 476 gals)/min, at 0.8 Mpa (8   bar)
Over 1,500 l (Over 396 gals)/min, at 1.0 Mpa (10 bar)
Overall Dimensions (lxhxw)
Approx. (742 x 760 x 682) mm – ( 29.2 x 29.9 x 26.8) inch
94 kg (207 lbs.)
Max. Suction Height
Approx. 9 m ( 29.5 feet)
Period of Warranty 
1 Year
Coverage of the Warranty
Against material failure and production defects
Method of Warranty Coverage
Limited to the replacement of the defected part or product after verification that the failure is covered by the scope of the warranty
Warranty Exclusions
Failures due to misuse, mishandling, or inspection or repair by an unauthorized dealer or entity

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