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BAVARIA Branchpipes  
BAVARIA Water Jet Branch has an excellent jet ‎improve the ‎extinguishing effect.
Optimum for use on ‎fire truck, fire cabinets, trailer ‎and Portable fire ‎fighting pump. ‎
  • Aluminium light alloy
  • It has an excellent jet ‎improve the ‎extinguishing effect
  • It has quik connection, with British Standard BS 336 Connection , Instantaneous

Technical Specifications:
Water Jet Branch Pipe
High strength aluminium alloy
Operation Mode
Full jet
Optimum Working Pressure Range
5-8 bar
Max. Output
215 l/min when the ball valve is completely opened
Max. Throw Range
29 m
Coupling Type
2.5 inch instantaneous coupling BS 366
Period of Warranty 
1 Year
Coverage of the Warranty
Against material failure and production defects
Method of Warranty Coverage
Limited to the replacement of the defected part or product after verification that the failure is covered by the scope of the warranty
Warranty Exclusions
Failures due to misuse, mishandling, or inspection or repair by an unauthorized dealer or entity