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Up to 1200 l/min, ‎applicable with water ‎and foam. Compact and ‎lightweight. Rotation ‎and elevation safety ‎stops for mobile use. ‎Infinitely variable hand ‎lever. Connection ‎between monitor and ‎frame base carried out ‎quickly by means of a ‎plug connection. Both ‎parts can be folded ‎down for space saving ‎storage. Additionally ‎available roof flange ‎allows easy mounting ‎on fire truck or trailer ‎roofs. The basic unit ‎without multipurpose ‎water tip for jet, spray ‎and fog.‎

  • The compact and light-weight Monitor HH 1260 was developed especially ‎for mobile operation.‎
  • Despite its compact and handy design, The HH 1260 achieves excellent ‎performance rating. ‎
  • A galvanized frame base with four extendable stand points guarantees ‎holding safety under any operating conditions.‎
  • The monitor can be released from the floor base with a few easy hand ‎movements and fixed onto the small scale roof flange provided.‎
  • The connection between the monitor and the frame base is carried out ‎quickly and easily by means of a plug connection, whish is secured by two ‎spring bolts.‎
  • The wide range of application possibilities is extended still further by quick ‎and easy roof mounting.‎
  • The monitor can be rotated round 360° when the horizontal tilting range is ‎unlocked.‎
  • The water inlet has a 2 ½ “ BS 336 instantaneous male coupling.‎
  • The monitor and the frame base can be folded down with only a few hand movements for transportation and for ‎space-saving storage in the vehicle or truck ‎

Technical Specifications:
AWG, Germany
HH 1260
Can be used as a stationary or portable monitor for water/foam or water
Manual, easy to use on deck and can also be erected on its ground base and used separately
Water / Foam
Generated foam up to 15000 l./min at 7bar
(according to foam concentrate specifications)
1200 l./min. (at 8 bar)
Throw Range
Water / Foam
40 m at 10 bar
52 m at   8 bar
Vertical Movement
+25º to 90º
Air-aspirating Foam Nozzle
Self Priming with built-in inductor
Water Jet Nozzle
26 mm
Extra Advantage
Provided with ground base for separate use in narrow sites
Multi Purpose Water Tip for Jet, Spray and Fog Upon request at extra cost
Period of Warranty 
1 Year
Coverage of the Warranty
Against material failure and production defects
Method of Warranty Coverage
Limited to the replacement of the defected part or product after verification that the failure is covered by the scope of the warranty
Warranty Exclusions
Failures due to misuse, mishandling, or inspection or repair by an unauthorized dealer or entity

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