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Platinum Series

  • Specially designed for protecting inaccessible areas or enclosures such as: vehicles, control panels, storage racks and machinery rooms.
  • Bavaria firesearch is an automatic fire-seeking and fire fighting unit. It consists of two firesearch flexible polymer tubes pressurized at 8 bar and connected to a dry chemical powder cylinder.
  • Automatically actuated upon bursting of the tube at any point along its length due to temperature rise up-to 99°C (210.2°F).
  • Drop in tube pressure in the direct low pressure firesearch system discharges the powder directly from the burst tube at the closest point to the fire, which allows the fastest extinguishing time and minimum spread of the fire
  • Drop in tube pressure in the indirect low pressure firesearch system discharges the powder via piping network which ends with special nozzle that distribute the powder all over.Ideal for any application where a potential fire risk is present within an enclosed or confined space by extinguishing fire at its very incipient stage with minimal damage.
  • Firesearch automatic fire extinguishing system do not need any external source of energy or electric supply.
  • Cost effective as no electrical installation or wiring is required.
  • Can be interfaced with an alarm device or system via pressure switch