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ROSENBAUER ULTRA High Pressure System
  ROSENBAUER ULTRA High Pressure System

  • Optimal Combination: UHPS is the optimum combination of hydraulic ‎Pressure and flowrate of water. Minimum volumes of water for fire ‎fighting are necessary to be able to drop fire temperature in an effective ‎way
  • High Level of Kinetic Energy: The result of volumes of water and ‎pressure facilitates high level of kinetic energy with full jet stream. Water ‎can enter deep into ember pockets. In connection with an effective throw ‎range of 10 meter
  • Multiple Nozzle: Pressurized output water takes place by a exactly ‎adjusted nozzle giving a jet pattern which can be switched at any time ‎from full to fog stream infinitely ‎
  • Finest Atomization: Water for fire fighting in finely atomized with spray ‎jet by the nozzle. Which is exactly adjusted with pressure and flowrates. ‎Atomized water increases the effective cooling surface due to complete ‎transformation of water into stream water damages can be avoided ‎
  • Light Fire Hose: The thin, light fire hose can be drawn easily through ‎staircases, over corners, edges and angles. ‎
  • High Level of Safety: The fog and continuous water supply guarantee ‎reliable self-protection for the fire fighting team in every situation
  • Compact Dimensions: The compact unit fits to pick-ups and in compact ‎vans
  • Excellent foam quality: The integrated foam mix system facilitates ‎together with the foam attachment the foam output with high foam quality
  • Easy to use:Due to its design the unit is easy to use and needs no ‎attention after having been started