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Turbo Nozzles AWG 95
  AWG Turbo Nozzle 95

  • The Nozzles AWG is capable of delivering large ‎quantities of water, to achieve success during the ‎initial attack, but also of restricting delivery, to limit ‎water damage. ‎
  • It has an excellent spray jet, not only to improve the ‎extinguishing effect, but also to dampen down gases ‎and vapours. ‎
  • Discharge (flow rate) can be selected with lever at ‎‎115, 210 and 375 l/min, as to conventional branchpipe ‎with 9, 12 and 16 mm tip respectively.‎
  • Flushing can be selected without interrupting ‎operation. Stream adjustable from jet to 120 degree ‎spray, particular fine spray