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AWG Monitor HH1260

  • The compact and light-weight Monitor HH 1260 was developed especially ‎for mobile operation.‎
  • Despite its compact and handy design, The HH 1260 achieves excellent ‎performance rating. ‎
  • A galvanized frame base with four extendable stand points guarantees ‎holding safety under any operating conditions.‎
  • The monitor can be released from the floor base with a few easy hand ‎movements and fixed onto the small scale roof flange provided.‎
  • The connection between the monitor and the frame base is carried out ‎quickly and easily by means of a plug connection, whish is secured by two ‎spring bolts.‎
  • The wide range of application possibilities is extended still further by quick ‎and easy roof mounting.‎
  • The monitor can be rotated round 360° when the horizontal tilting range is ‎unlocked.‎
  • The water inlet has a 2 ½ “ BS 336 instantaneous male coupling.‎
  • The monitor and the frame base can be folded down with only a few hand movements for transportation and for ‎space-saving storage in the vehicle or truck ‎