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2251-COPTIR Advanced Multi-Criteria Fire Detector


From the smallest business to the largest facility or campus, small conventional panels feature large capacity power supplies and easy front panel programming while large intelligent systems lead the market in sophisticated features including distributed emergency audio and are remarkably easy to configure and program. In addition to systems, Secutron™ also offers the most complete line of advanced detection industry with the advanced system features required by emerging fire codes and new protection design practices. Large intelligent networked systems support fully redundant network modularity, graphic display annunciation/monitoring, building management system integration, programmable smoke control and multi-channel emergency communications across buildings, campuses or communities. Secutron™ systems are also supported with the largest selection of detectors, signaling devices and accessory devices, including intelligent power supplies.

•Unique ability to detect all four major elements of a fire
•Highest nuisance alarm immunity
•Advanced algorithms interpret and respond to the multiple inputs
•Six levels of sensitivity
•CO sensing for fastest response to slow-developing, smoldering fires
•Fully integrated infrared sensing to support the fire alarm decision
•Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor and CO cell
•Superior EMI protection
•Twin LED indicators providing 360˚ visibility
•LEDs can be panel controlled to blink, latch on, latch off
•Built-in test switch


Physical Specifications
Height 2.7˝ installed in B210LP base or B501 base
Diameter 6.0˝ installed in B210LP base; 4.0˝ installed in B501 base
Shipping Weight 4.6 oz
Color Ivory
Material Bayblend FR110
Operating Humidity Range 10 to 93% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Application Temperature Range 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)
Electrical Specifications
Operating Voltage Range 15 to 32 VDC
Maximum Standby Current 300 μA at 24 VDC (one communication every 5 seconds with LED blink enabled)
Maximum Alarm Current (LED on) 7mA at 24 VDC
Sensitivity Settings and Suggested Applications
Level 1 1% / ft of smoke Very clean environments – laboratories
Level 2 2% / ft of smoke Clean environments – offices
Level 3 3% / ft of smoke Moderately clean environments – hotel rooms, dorm rooms
Level 4 3% ft of smoke with different algorithm processing and weighting of sensor elements Hotel rooms near a shower, boiler rooms
Level 5 4% / ft of smoke Equipment rooms, kitchens, paint shops
Level 6 Thermal alarm at 135°F (57°C)
*Once the CO cell has reached the end of life and enters Photo, Thermal, Infrared (PTIR) mode, the following sensitivities apply:
Level 1 1% / ft of smoke Very clean environments – laboratories
Level 2 2% / ft of smoke Clean environments – offices
Level 5 3% / ft of smoke Moderately clean environments – hotel rooms, dorm rooms
Level 6 Thermal alarm at 135°F (57°C)