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Small Changes

01 Apr 2017


One of our main goals is helping customers in handling our products with full protection. To achieve this target, we have equipped our metal fire extinguisher “12 kg "Colt P 12 M" with a simple but effective assembly aid for the applicator tube as standard in the course of constant further development and product improvements.
This mounting clip allows a straight fixation of the tube to the fire extinguisher. Of course, you can use the clip for your existing customers under the item no. Order 14936 from us via
Special solution - practical and attractive The BAVARIA CO2 fire extinguisher Sigma 2 is mounted on our foot stand trolley. For you under the Art. No. 14899 added to the assortment.
Power CAFS - Supplementary Training Range
To make it easier for you to train with our Power CAFS, the BAVARIA training cartridge in the proven BAVARIA clip version has been available for some time now.
The cartridge for the BAVARIA Power CAFS is easy to handle and effective on A-brand fires. It does not matter if you use them for demonstrations for your customers or if you train the end user for their use.
The practice-extinguishing agent in the tried-and-tested BAVARIA clip-on cartridge enables optimal results with minimal resources. Fill in the BAVARIA Power CAFS 9.9 liters of water and you are ready.
The extinguishing agent is physiologically harmless and completely biodegradable.