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Lithium X

05 Apr 2017
Metal fire extinguishers - even with liquid extinguishing agent, we offer you the option with our lithium series 3, 6 and 9 litre. At metal fire extinguishers, various demands are made. The metal fire or Lithium battery fires are individual to look at and offer special challenges.
We achieve a large part with our liquid extinguishing agent.
The Lithium X extinguisher from BAVARIA is suitable for extinguishing metal fires of almost any kind effectively and above all for protecting them from spreading. Filled with a highly effective, environmentally friendly agent (vermiculite dispersion), the Lithium X allows you to extinguish highly aggressive fires of lithium, magnesium and aluminum alloys as well as other metals.
The liquid extinguishing agent is an aqua-vermiculite dispersion (aqueous vermiculite dispersion) in which natural vermiculite crystals are suspended in aqueous solution. The microscopic platelets of vermiculites were among the minerals of silicates. When sprayed onto the burning metal, the water evaporates, the microscopic vermiculite platelets swell and merge to form an impermeable barrier layer, which insulates the fire and thus immediately lowers the thermal radiation above this barrier layer below 100 ° C. The Lithium X extinguisher from BAVARIA applies the extinguishing agent in a fine film to the burning material, which immediately melts into a hard, mineral insulating layer.
The liquid extinguishing agent is suitable for classic A and D fires. The charging device consists of a coated steel container, the pressure lever valve with internal Propellant cartridge and the mounted hose with special extinguishing lance and special developed fine spray nozzle.

Technical specifications:

  • Functional range: + 5 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • Interruption of the extinguishing jet and intermittent use possible
  • High-quality wall bracket for attachment, standard stand ring.
  • Valve made of high-quality, glass fiber-reinforced plastic with aluminum
  • Union nut, black coated.
  • Internal, refillable gas cartridge
  • High-quality EPDM hose with fabric insert and extinguishing lance
  • By polyester coating of the container more outstanding and
  • Long lasting corrosion protection.
  • Inner coating made of high-quality plastic grants excellent
  • Distinguished long-term protection against rust.
  • Function duration depending on the size 65 to 180 sec.
  • Spray width approx. 2-3 m
  • Suitable for electrical systems up to 1,000 V, minimum distance 1m.
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