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Power CAFS Skid Unit 50 litre - DESIGN

01 Dec 2017

We have not only missed a facelift for our Power CAFS Skid Unit 50 litre. but also increased the ease of maintenance by rearranging the bodywork. Due to the open design you achieve the attachments much easier and are more flexible in handling. Furthermore, the skid unit was equipped with a 3 litre. Compressed air cylinder equipped for optimal performance.


We are always updated with market needs, as the time does not stop with our 50 litre. Mobile Power CAFS, here also the 3 litre. Compressed air cylinder is used in order to be able to guarantee with 100% reserves the constant application of the extinguishing agent.

Sigma 30 and Sigma 60 – UPDATE


Instead of the previously gray CO2 cylinder, you will recently get the mobile CO2 fire extinguisher with red container.

 In addition, there was a further upgrade of the  product by each bottle a valve guard basket of the delivery enclosed. After unscrewing the protective cap, it must be hand-tightened to the bottle before use.