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BAVARIA now also with 3 litre ABF extinguisher

01 Jun 2015

Thanks to the tenacity of Matthias Bouschery, Sales North, BAVARIA now also offers a 3-litre ABF extinguisher in addition to the 2 litre. Rally Kitchen Guard and 6 litre. Magnum Kitchen Guard has. For a long time he has repeatedly pointed out to the management that there is indeed a great need for this and that the Rally Kitchen Guard is not considered by the market to be a fully-fledged alternative. The management finally gave in and since March of this year, the 3-liter ABF monsoon is on offer and enjoys brisk demand. Rumor has it the editors have heard that this extinguisher enjoys within the BAVARIA organization a special nickname: Because the extinguisher is closely connected with its creator, Matthias Bouschery, he is called in everyday use simply "Bouschys Kurzer".