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New hose holder

31 Aug 2020
Dear BAVARIA Partners,

in the future all portable extinguishers from 6 kg to 12 kg and 6 liter to 9 liter are going to be equipped with the newly designed hose holder (picture 2).

This will allow the hose to be fitted into the clip more easily and the same time it will assure a secure hold of the hose. The holders are continuously added to the productions, which are carried out presently. The already produced extinguishers at our stock are still equipped with the old version of the hose holder.

The new version is available under the usual item number of 11280. If you need any hose holders for your 3 liter extinguishers, in the future you can use the item number 15474. These are also going to fit to the extinguishers from other manufacturers, which have a similar weld-on tab on the cylinder. Here the geometry was also optimized, these also have a recess from the weld-on tabs on both sides (picture 3).

picture 1 (previous hose clip)

picture 2

picture 3

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.