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Bavaria Firefighting Department Now at KidZania Cairo

13 Sep 2021

Bavaria and KidZania Cairo recently joined hands to spread awareness amongst kids and their families.  

Joining the Bavaria firefighting Department at KidZania Cairo would help kids understand fire safety basics and would educate them on what to do if there’s a fire. Children can lessen the risk of fire in homes by learning about fire hazards. Fire safety and control require a collaborative effort. 
Bavaria Firefighting Department at KidZania Cairo plays an important role in teaching young children about the risks of fire and what to do if a fire breaks out.
This unique perspective on role-playing motivates them to create entire cities with buildings, city blocks, plazas, and streets for youngsters to pretend to be adults, compete with most of the vocations and trades available in the actual world and it helps the kids with their personal growth as well.

KidZania Cairo is all about experiential learning for kids. They offer opportunities for kids where they can indulge in role-play and experience the jobs of firefighters, pilots, doctors, and engineers. Children's role-playing is a deeply ingrained habit. They do it without any prior guidance or explanation from an adult.