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The Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Human Restart co-signed a protocol to help developing the Egyptian workforce

19 Oct 2023


The Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Human Restart co-signed a protocol to help developing the Egyptian workforce to meet the needs of the German job market and provide better employment opportunities for young Egyptians. The co-signature took place within the framework of the inauguration of the "German Vocational Training System" conference held in Berlin on 13th and 14th October, 2023 

The protocol was signed by Mr. Amir Riad, Board member of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of Bavaria Holding, on behalf of Mr. Ayman Al Ashry, Chairman of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce,  and Mr. Al Sayed Al Azzan, Managing Director of Human Restart, in the presence of Mr. Langer, Head of Education and Transformation Projects at the DIHK, Dr. Naglaa Abdel Moneim, Board Member of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce , Mr. Trefzger, Managing Director of the IHK of Nordrhein Westfalen and other distinguished experts across the educational sector. 
In his opening speech of the conference, Mr. Amir Riad, Head of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce delegation, emphasized on three core points, achievements, possibilities and challenges. 
He shed lights on the previous and on-going fruitful German-Egyptian cooperation in many fields as education, vocational training and further qualifications for young Egyptians that would like to meet German job market needs despite the challenges faced. 
He mentioned the development on multiple fronts referring to Goethe Institute that was established in Egypt in 1958 & currently has 3 branches, the German Abitur schools in Egypt which are attended by 4000 pupils, The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) which is also present and working hard, The Deutsche Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Organization, in addition to the Mubarak-Kohl program that was signed in 1995, started in 2004 to graduate young students in 2004, that had enforced the Egyptian industrial sector substantially. 

Mr. Amir Riad also shared insights about some Egyptian socio-economics figures. He stated that Egypt, the 105m inhabitant country, succeeded in reducing official unemployment rate to 7.2% in 2022 comparing to 12% in 2011, he also highlighted the Universities graduates’ number that reached 544 thousand graduates in 2022. 

He mentioned that Egypt works to qualify its workforce to serve the demand of the German market for the different professions aiming to repeat the Egyptian Doctors’ remarkable contribution in the British Medical sector. He explained how 7000 Egyptian doctors proved their worth and expertise in the profession after passing relevant assessments with notable proficiency in the UK . 

In his closing speech Mr. Amir Riad affirmed on the necessity of reinforcing and enhancing the ties and trade relationships between North Mediterranean countries including Germany and South Mediterranean countries including Egypt, which could result in an effective solution to the problem of the illegal immigration that cost Europe and specifically Germany a lot of time and money to control. 


Ayman Al Ashry, Chairman of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that the Protocol aims to benefit from the German expertise in the industrial training project to prepare and qualify the young Egyptian workforce for the German job market and to accredit the training centers up to the ideal standards. He explained that a committee formation has been agreed upon Human Restart, Cairo Chamber of Commerce and the Labor Transfer Entity to monitor and review the execution of the protocol until the fulfilment of educational and training goals then report the development to the German side. 

Dr. Naglaa Abdel Moneim expressed her satisfaction with such a milestone as the protocol unlocks new horizons to qualify the Egyptian workforce specially those who have interest in the German job market.