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Some evacuees are returning home after Saddleridge Fire burns 7,500 acres

12 Oct 2019
By Nicole ChavezCarma Hassan and Sara Sidner, CNN

Los Angeles (CNN)Robin Navickas left behind her hearing aids and even her shoes when the Saddleridge Fire was creeping toward her home. When she returned hours later, everything was reduced to piles of ash.

"She just kept thinking that some things will still be there in the middle of the house and I kept trying to tell her no," her son Errol Navickas told CNN outside his mother's home. "The front of the house is all that's there."
The wildfire in northern Los Angeles has destroyed 31 homes and burned more than 7,500 acres, the Los Angeles Fire Department said. More than 1,000 firefighters have been battling the blaze, but it remains 13% contained as of Friday.A firefighter suffered an injury to his eye, but no deaths have been linked to the fire, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters.


In Porter Ranch, firefighters from neighboring Orange County arrived just in time to stop the fire from charging into Francisco and Flora Villalta's house Friday morning.
A CNN crew watched as firefighters shot water through the spaces of the Villaltas' fence — halting the flames right at the property's edge after they came up the nearby hills.
"I was just crying, because (I thought) our house is gone," Flora Villalta said. "But then ... the fire truck (came). We were praying for someone."

A firefighter sprays water as a fire inches toward a home in Los Angeles' Porter Ranch area on Friday morning.
In Sylmar, Mojdan Darabi's husband was spraying their house and yard with a garden hose, CNN affiliate KABC reported. They both stood outside, anxiously watching flames in the nearby hillsides.
"Yes, I'm worried, but I'm just shooting water everywhere to stop the fire from over here," the husband said.
Poor air quality prompted school closures
Classes were canceled at about 40 schools in the Los Angeles area after poor air quality was reported, Sgt. Rudy Perez with Los Angeles School Police Department said.
Perez said all the schools in the San Fernando Valley were closed midday and all after-school activities were canceled Friday.
A number of colleges and other schools also closed Friday because of the fire, including California State University Northridge and Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar.
The Los Angeles Unified school district closed dozens of schools and said bus service throughout the district would be delayed.
Classes in the Santa Clarita area also are being canceled, officials said.