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Man killed and three firefighters injured in Oklahoma home explosion

22 Nov 2020

Bright Mountain Media, Inc

A house fire call turned deadly when an oxygen tank exploded during a search and rescue operation to pull a man out of a burning building.

According to KTUL, Owasso Fire & Rescue responded to the call Thursday night. When they arrived they were told there were two people still inside the burning home.

Crews were able to pull the first person, a woman, out to safety and transported her to the hospital.

Another crew then went inside to pull the man out, but during that operation an oxygen tank exploded inside, killing the man and injuring the three firefighters

It is unknown if the firefighters needed assistance to get out, or they were able to get to safety on their own.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The firefighters were taken to the hospital for evaluation, and all have been released as of this writing.

A cause of the fire has not been determined as of yet.