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Twin In-wall Fire Cabinets



  • Standard design cabinet 1100 x 800 x 300 cm (WxHxD) for in-wall fitting as a recessed type.
  • The cabinet design is comprising of a twin chamber fire cabinet with two doors, the first for the hose reel and the second for a fire extinguisher.
  • The cabinet doors are  provided with concealed axial hings enabling it to swing up to 180°.
  • The cabinet doors are provided with long build in handle and close with two latching points.
  • The cabinet has two inlet holes (upper & lower) for water feeding pipes sealed with polymer or rubber seals.
  • The fire cabinet carries photo luminescent signs that are crucial during emergency situations and power failure.
  • Bavaria twin in-wall fire cabinet is delivered with EN3 and  ES 734 certified 4 kg or 6 kg capacity portable fire extinguisher.
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