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Maritime transportation have always been the dominant support of global trades. Hence, the safety of vessels is critical to the global economy. Modern passenger vessels  are commonly protected with sprinkler system and fire extinguishers as well as fire alarm system. Standards outlines special requirements and approvals for system components and equipment used in maritime transportation. Luxurious passenger vessels may use high pressure water mist for protection. It provides the desirable level of protection at minimal water consumption. Engine rooms are usually protected by either clean agent fire extinguishing systems or high pressure water mist system. Compressed air-foam system may be an acceptable alternative for the protection of engine rooms. Large passenger terminals are usually protected with sprinkler system and fire alarm system. Cargo ships may require different systems based on the nature of raw materials or goods in which they deliver.    
Hazards & Solutions

Hazards Solutions
Initial Fire Control Operations  STORMHand-Held Fire Extinguishers ,Dry Powder  ,Stored Pressure Operated 
 High Hazard
Sigma 5: Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers 
TORNADO-50M: Wheeled Fire Extinguishers ,Dry Chemical Powder ,External Pressure Cylinder Operated ,High Hazard .
 TORNADO-F Wheeled Fire Extinguishers , Foam ,External Pressure Cylinder Operated ,High Hazard
Medium Hazard: Wheeled Fire Extinguishers, Foam ,JUMBO MF-200
Polymer Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel)Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Stainless Steel Fire Cabinets ( 1" Hose Reel): Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Marine Terminals Sprinkler, Standpipe & Private Fire Service Mains Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems ,Water Based Systems
Polymer Fire Cabinets: Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
Stainless Steel Fire Cabinets: Fire Cabinets, Reels, and Racks
 Addressable Fire Alarm SystemsFire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems 

 Open Graphic NavigatorFire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems
Marine Vessels and Cruise Ships
Sprinkler, Standpipe & Private Fire Service Mains SystemsFire-Fighting Systems ,Water Based Systems

 Addressable Fire Alarm SystemsFire Alarm, Mass Notification & Evacuation Systems
Control Rooms Clean Agent Systems : Fire-Fighting Systems
Generator and Transformers Rooms Carbon Dioxide Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems
Foam Systems: Fire-Fighting Systems, Water Based Systems
Electric Distribution Panels Fire Search CO2 Direct and Indirect: Fire-Fighting Systems, Pre-Engineered Systems, Electrical Enclosures & Engine Compartments Systems    
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 Foam: Fire-Fighting Systems, Water Based Systems 
Monitors and Nozzles :Fire-Fighting Systems ,Water Based Systems ,Foam Systems