Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhancing Social Developments

We believe that our success and  the success of the communities that we serve are two faces of the same coin.

Project List

BAVARIA supports the “Aktion Mensch”

The “Aktion Mensch” campaigns for a society, in which the differences between the people are completely normal. With the goal that “WE” are going to win. With an “Aktion Mensch” ticket you cannot only win but also support projects that help to improve the living conditions and opportunities of people with disabilities, children and young people.

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Dr. Nader Riad School

After the earthquake of 1992 in Egypt, many schools were destroyed especially in undeveloped areas of the country. Bavaria has taken the initiative to build a school in one of Egypt’s most needy areas in “Kafr Ammar” village and named it Dr. Nader Riad School. Bavaria has allocated an annual budget to sponsor the school financially. Examples of areas of development include:

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Supporting War Refugees

Young Syrian refugees at the ages of 16 and 17 years old escaped the warzones in their home country without their families, looking for a better future in Europe. Bavaria took the initiative to offer internship opportunities for a number of 30 refugees with the aim of providing them with the technical and social skills to integrate in their new homeland as productive members in the community.

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“Libraries re-imagined” Initiative

The company launched a program in downtown Cairo to promote reading and exchanging books. We financed and established a number of libraries equipped with a variety of cultural books were built in Cairo’s most visited downtown streets, together with reading benches so that people can read and exchange books free of charge. This initiative aims to restore the cultural depth of downtown Cairo.

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Supporting Hospitals in Developing Countries

Bavaria allocates an annual budget to support non-profit driven hospitals, medical institutes and charities

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Providing Fire-Fighting Products and Services at Discounted Prices to NGOs and Religious Institutes

Providing fire-fighting products and services at discounted prices to NGOs and religious institutes, that could reach production costs in many cases

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Assisting Governments in Developing Countries

Assisting governments in developing countries in the field of infrastructure activities within the community such as asphalting streets, renovation of fire brigades, and sponsoring green areas.

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Assisting a Number of Imprisoned Women on Charges of Defaulted on House & House- Hold Loans to Settle their Debts and Get Released

Assisting a number of imprisoning women on charges of defaulted on house & house- hold loans to settle their debts and get released.

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Vatican Christmas Tree

The Vatican Christmas tree is the decorated tree that is erected annually in front of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City to celebrate the Christmas holiday season. This tradition started in 1982 during time of Pope John Paul II where each European country donates a tree every year. Bavaria supported this project in 2013 when it had the pleasure to host the 25 meters high tree, weighing more than 6 tons in its facilities in one of its stops on the way to Rome

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