Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Nader Riad School

After the earthquake of 1992 in Egypt, many schools were destroyed especially in undeveloped areas of the country. Bavaria has taken the initiative to build a school in one of Egypt’s most  needy areas in “Kafr Ammar” village and named it Dr. Nader Riad School.
Bavaria has allocated an annual budget to sponsor the school financially. Examples of areas of development include:


  1. Setting-up a water treatment plant.
  2. Establishing a computer lab and equipping it with state of the art technologies
  3. Implementing maintenance plans for the school buildings.
  4. Organizing social events for students and teachers such as:
  • Annual entertainment day trips
  • Celebrations and awards to outstanding students and staff in various activities
  1. Providing teachers with financial incentives to give free of charge private lessons in the school for students that need extra support.
  2. Offering students with free of charge uniforms

The school was awarded the second place in “Education Excellence” in a competition that covers all schools in Giza governorate due to its outstanding academic performance.

The school played a vital role in Empowering Women in the community since they were  dropping out of school at higher rates than boys before it was built. Bavaria supported families sending their girls to study through a monthly financial  incentive to keep them out of the workforce and continue their studies. The result was increasing the number of girls who continued to study after the age of 14 by 75%.

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