Corporate Social Responsibility

Mubarak – Kohl Initiative

In 1991, the Egyptian President Mubarak and the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl agreed to launch a program of German technical cooperation to address the needs of the Egyptian youth. This program focuses on providing them with the needed theoretical and practical training to equip them with the needed skills to overcome work challenges.
Bavaria was one of the first companies in Egypt to adopt this program. We work hand-in-hand with the  „Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit“  (GIZ) that drive the program implementation.
We develop customized training plans for students based on their field of study, and provide them with hands on experience as well as structured training sessions to acquire the needed skills for their future jobs. We offer financial support, medical insurance, transportation, and meals for the students.
Our Mubarak-Kohl students start their program with a six week orientation phase where they get to know the safety regulations, policies, code of conduct, and get introduced to the different departments in the company.
Each student has a supervisor that oversees his/her training and measures the ability to acquire skills through our skill matrix, and provide the needed tutoring and adaptations following a PDCA training concept.
We have a yearly celebration attended by our top management where students receive their graduation certificates, and outstanding students receive job offers.