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MAGNUM FOAM-JET SK-XL "AFFF Foam Cartridge" is a foam fire extinguisher for protection against flammable solvents, paints, and petrol fires

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  • High extinguishing efficiency
  • Allows intermittent and repeated operation
  • Designed with a special engineered polymer valve head equipped with an over pressure mechanical safety valve
  • Equipped with a rechargeable internal pressure cartridge
  • An AFFF charge is enclosed in a separate internal cartridge, that instantly mixes with the water only at operation
  • Internally coated with a special protective polymer lining, affording full protection against corrosion Operated with a high pressure rubber hose and pistol for high maneuverability and control
  • Heat and electricity-isolated operation pistol and corrosion-proof base
  • High quality surface treatment and red polyester coating
  • Supplied with a special hanging wall bracket


6 l

9 l

Extinguishing Rating

43A  233B

55A  233B

Operating Temperature Range

+5 °C to +60 °C (with additives)

Testing Pressure

27 bar

27 bar

Bursting Pressure

Over 70 bar

Over 70 bar

Valve Material

Special engineered polymer

Discharge Pistol Material

Special engineered polymer

Shell Material

DC 04 Steel according to DIN EN 10130

Extinguishing Agent

Water + AFFF foam Cartridge + Additives

Expellant Gas Weight

50 gm

70 gm

Propellant Gas



Internal Lining

Elastic polymer

Paint Finish

Surface treatment and 100% polyester coating

Approx. Gross Weight

10.9 kg

16.7 kg

Approx. Unit Dimension (lxwxh)

28.0 x 16.5 x 57.5 cm

30.0 x 19.0 x 57.5 cm







Period of Warranty

2 Years


Coverage of the Warranty

Against material failure and production defects


Method of Warranty Coverage

Limited to the replacement of the defected part or product after verification that the failure is covered by the scope of the warranty


Warranty Exclusions

Failures due to misuse, mishandling, or inspection or repair by an unauthorized dealer or entity






Certified according to European Standard DIN/EN3

TÜV Approved Pressure Vessel

TÜV (SÜD Deutschland) Approved Pressure Vessel

Awarded the European (CE) mark

The Company is Certified according to Quality, Environment and BS-OHSAS Management Systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001  

Bavaria Laboratory Accredited According to the ISO/IEC 17025