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special detectors

Smoke detector with radio link ASD-10QR


- features same as ASD-10Q
- incl. fixed 3,6 V Lithium battery, ER14505
- radio link by randomly generated codes
- all „Slave“ smoke detectors are in the same mode like the „Master“ 
  smoke detector automatically
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Carbon monoxide detector RM370


- CO: extremly dangerous, invisible and odorless gas
- testbutton for functional testing
- digital display for easy reading
- changing display, which is showing the temperature or battery power
- with Battery level indicator
- Loudly 85 dB alarm signal
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Water detector WM53


-the water detector gives an alarm if there is leaking water
-placed on the floor the detector warns if there is already a low contact with water
-battery level indicator
-3 humidity sensors
-loud signal with 85 dB
-3 years warranty
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