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20-20 Series Mini Flame Detectors

20-20MI Mini IR3 Flame Detector


• Triple Spectrum Design
• 80% Less Power Consumption
• Highly Immune to False Alarms
• Large Field of View (100° horizontal/vertical)
• Sensitivity Selection
• User-Programmable Functions
•configurable via software from apc or handheld device 
• Automatic and Manual Built-In-Test (BIT)
• Standard 4-Wire Connection
•4-20ma sink of course (3-4) wires configuration.
• RS-485 Modbus Compatible
• MTBF Minimum 100,000 Hours
• 3-Year Warranty
• FM Approval (Functional)
• EN54-10 (VdS) Approved for 20/20MI-1

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20-20ML-Mini UV-IR Flame Detector


• UV/IR Dual-Sensor
• High-Speed Response
• 50 msec Response to Saturated Signal
• Large Field of View (100° horizontal/vertical)
• User Programmable Functions
• Configurable via software from a PC or handheld device
• Immune to False Alarms (solar blind)
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