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Sigma 5 AM


The BAVARIA Sigma 5 AM (an-timagnetic) fire extinguisher was specially developed for the industrial usage. It can be also used on functioning electrical (electrified) objects. Ideal for extinguishing fires in antimagnetic environments, especially in the medical and technical fields.

  • High extinguishing rating
  • Allows intermittent and repeated extinguishing
  • Carbon dioxide is a clean extinguishing agent and leaves no traces
  • Aluminium high pressure cylinder stainless steel valve (antimagnetic)
  • Safe for the liquid type of fires
  • Ideal for extinguishing the fires in any antimagnetic fields, mostly in medical and also in technical fields
  • Stabilised snow horn provides a highly effective usage
  • As a standard, it is delivered with a high quality wall bracket, which is of course also antimagnetic
Amount of the agent 5 kg
Test object 89 B
Working temperature from -30°C to +60° C
Tested over pressure 250 bar
Bursting pressure min. 560 bar
Material of valve Stainless steel
Material of the cylinder Extruded aluminium, without welding, aluminium alloy
Extinguishing agent Carbon dioxide
Coating Polyester
Gross weight (approx.) 12,30 kg
Dimension per piece (LxWxH) in cm 25,5x16,0x66,5
Packaging cardboard      
Additional information
Working time approx. 10 sec.
Throw of range approx. in m approx. 5 m

Period of Warranty  1 Year
Coverage of the Warranty Against material failure and production defects
Method of Warranty Coverage Limited to the replacement of the defected part or product after verification that the failure is covered by the scope of the warranty
Warranty Exclusions Failures due to misuse, mishandling, or inspection or repair by an unauthorized dealer or entity
Certified in accordance to the DIN/EN3
TÜV certified pressure cylinder
CE labelling