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RAM-1032TZDS Main Annunciator Chassis


General Application From the smallest business to the largest facility or campus, small conventional panels feature large capacity power supplies and easy front panel programming while large intelligent systems lead the market in sophisticated features including distributed emergency audio and are remarkably easy to configure and program. In addition to systems, Secutron™ also offers the most complete line of advanced detection industry with the advanced system features required by emerging fire codes and new protection design practices. Large intelligent networked systems support fully redundant network modularity, graphic display annunciation/monitoring, building management system integration, programmable smoke control and multi-channel emergency communications across buildings, campuses or communities. Secutron™ systems are also supported with the largest selection of detectors, signaling devices and accessory devices, including intelligent power supplies.

Fire Alarm Control:
• One expandable to nine Intelligent Signaling Line Circuits (SLC)
• Modular design
• Each SLC is capable of supporting 159 Analog Sensors and 159 Addressable Modules which can be wired in Style 6 or 7 (Class A) or Style 4 (Class B)
• Four Style Z/Y (Class A/B) Notification Appliance Circuits
rated at 1.7 Amps each
• System has the ability to mix CLIP and AP devices on the same loop
• Large 4 by 20 character Back-lit LCD Display with user friendly menu
• Supported languages: English, French, Arabic* and Hebrew* (*960 character back-lit LCD display only)
• Correlatable Switch Inputs which allow for multi-functional outputs
• Four Status Queues with selector switches and LEDs for Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble and Monitor
• Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm, Common Supervisory and Common Trouble
• Group bypass with built-in false alarm prevention technology
• RS-232 output for remote system printer or CRT
• Two Event History Logs comprised of a 6000 event alarm history log for alarm related events and a 6000 event log for all events
• Supports three configuration files (current, previous and next configuration) with “hot swap” support
• Supports Conventional Hardwire Adder Modules
• Built-in One Man Walk Test operation
• Configurable for Canadian Two Stage operation
• Configurable for Coded Operation
• Capability to adjust Intelligent Smoke Detector sensitivity levels
• Real time 3D graphical monitoring and control using Open Graphic Navigator™
• BACnet support
• Supports Boolean logic functions
• Built-in Ethernet port
• Remote diagnostics via a built-in web server
• UL listed for Smoke Control

Network Features:
• Up to 63 nodes
• Peer-to-peer network communications
• Style 4 (Class B) or Style 6 or 7 (Class A) wiring configuration
• Proprietary Arcnet Network Communications protocol
• Supports copper and/or fiber optic network cable

Model Dimensions
MMX-BB-1001DR 9”H x 12.75”W x 1.85”D
MMX-BB-1002DR 18”H x 12.75”W x 1.85”D
MMX-BB-1003DR 26.4”H x 12.75”W x 1.85”D
MMX-BB-1008DR 33”H x 22.5”W x 1.85”D
MMX-BB-1012DR 45”H x 22.5”W x 1.85”D